My name is Kathleen Keenan - I work with highly talented, deeply inspired & self-reflective women. Insightful women who long to emerge from the invisible, lonely path of knowing there is an amazing abundant and fulfilling life awaiting us - if only we connect with it!

Finding your path, your desires and living with passionate prosperity IS possible. 

I am an artist, weaver, painter, writer, nature lover, a deep noticer of things and patterns ........... an instructor in creative expression from the imagined realm, entrepreneur and business owner. 

 Being an independent spirit I assumed we were all doing what we wanted to do...but over the past 5 years I have connected with the most amazing women, who have no idea how beautiful their spirits are and how brilliant they shine. I would hear stories about life and impossible even small changes would seem and they would get stuck inside glass walls - looking out, but not thinking they could join in.
I believe we can have what we want -

Which is why I CARE about the world we live in